Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'Gameover' Scam Targets Bank Accounts

From USA.gov Blog

'Gameover' Scam Targets Bank Accounts:

The FBI identified a new phishing scam online that targets your bank accounts. The scam is called “Gameover.” Once the virus is on your computer, it can steal all of your user names and passwords before you realize what has happened.

How It Works

The Gameover scam will email you, pretending to be from the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), the Federal Reserve Bank, or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The email will say that there has been a problem with your bank account or a recent transaction, and will include a link to help fix the problem. The link will send you to a phony site, where the Gameover malware is automatically installed on your computer and starts stealing your bank account information.

If you think you’ve been victimized by this type of scheme, contact your financial institution to report it, and file a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Learn more about the Gameover Scam.

Library Day in the Life

The Library Day in the Life Project is a semi-annual event coordinated by Bobbi Newman  of Librarian by Day. Twice a year librarians, library staff and library students from all over the globe share a day (or week) in their life through blog posts, photos, video and Twitter updates.  You can learn more at the Library Day in the Life  Project Wiki#libday8

I work as a Reference Librarian at Hackley Public Library.  Among my duties are buying fiction and nonfiction (000's, 200's, 400's, 500's, 800's, and 900's) for the library; weeding the same group; Government Documents; Adult program planning; maintaining the Library's website; keeping up with Social Media; running the Adult Summer Reading Program; and, as they say, other duties as assigned.  My days, to say the least, are not dull.

Here's a breakdown of how my day was spent on Monday:

8:30-9:30 am: Arrived at work and sorted through some of the gift books we've received in the last couple of weeks-sorted them according to which staff member needs to review them and checked to see if any in my area were ones we'd like to keep.  Put the rest aside for our annual booksale.

9:30-10:00 am: Got ready for a shift on the Reference Desk-started the Ref. computer, gathered stuff to work on if it was quiet, chatted a bit with a couple of collegues.

10:00 - 10:30 am:  Dealt with emails  that had come in to the Ref. account-someone wanted to know about Ice Boxes that had been manufactured in the area during the 20's.  Found some pictures and some history of the company, shared the email with the local history department thinking they might have more information.  Looked up books for a book club member

10:30 -10:45 am:  Read through Blog entries and updated  social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter).  Answered a number of questions about taxforms.

10:45-11:45 am:  Read through my own email, updated  the community calendar.  Ref questions about book values of older books, where to find a place to repair older books, checked to see if we had a specific DVD, explained how to download eAudiobooks.

11:45-12:15 am:  Read through more blogs.  Pointed out the mystery section, more tax forms, looked  up the phone number of an out-of-state PBS station.

12:15 -12:30 am:  Updated the Chamber of Commerce's calendar with our February events, handed out more tax forms, updated our Facebook page with our February events.

12:30-1:00 pm:  Worked on book review to post on our Blog, more tax forms.

1:00 - 2:00 pm: Lunch

2:00-2:20 pm:  Off the ref desk now.  Finished book review and posted it to our Blog and to Facebook.

2:20-3:00 pm:  Updated our New Book list on our Bookletters page, read some email, continuted with the Gift Books.

3:00-3:30 pm:  Gave the afternoon Reference Librarian a break.  Looked up a movie, looked up some books, told someone when  our book group meets, started work on my book order.

3:30-5:00 pm:  Worked on my book order.

That would be a pretty typical Monday!

Monday, January 30, 2012

New Books at HPL

HPL's New Books

Below is a partial list of our new books. To see the full list, download the Excel file for:  2011 .  To see new books from other years try:  2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, or 2006.
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Covert Warriors Covert Warriors
By Griffin, W. E. B.
Author Butterworth, William E., IV
2011-12 - G. P. Putnam's Sons
9780399157806 Check Our Catalog

The thrilling new novel in the #1 "New York Times"- bestselling series.
There's an uneasy and unholy alliance building across the Caribbean. Few in the U.S. government want to believe that a Third World country and its chest-thumping leader could pose a credible threat-but then why are the Chinese helping to train its special forces? Why are the Russians helping to build a nuclear power plant?
Charley Castillo and his men go in to investigate, but they have no idea what they have just gotten themselves into. By the time they finish connecting the dots, they will be on the hit lists of the Kremlin, the Cubans, the Venezuelans, and the drug cartels-and totally out on their own. Whatever happens next, they'll have to do it by themselves. …More

The Litigators The Litigators
By Grisham, John
2011-10 - Doubleday Books
9780385535137 Check Our Catalog

The incomparable master of the legal thriller takes us deeper into the labyrinth that is the American justice system, always drawing us in with an irresistible hook, pull-ing the thread of tension tighter and tighter, and then knocking us out with a conclusion that's never "by the book." Maybe that's why, after more than twenty years of consecutive #1 "New York Times" best sellers, a new novel by America's favorite storyteller is still a major publishing event. …More

Don't Look Twice Don't Look Twice
By Gross, Andrew
2010-03 - Harper
9780061143458 Check Our Catalog

Detective Ty Hauck is caught up in a deadly maze of cover-up and corruption in this new thriller from the "New York Times"-bestselling author of "The Dark Tide." …More

Reckless Reckless
By Gross, Andrew
2011-02 - Harper
9780061656019 Check Our Catalog

Investigator Ty Hauck looks into the murder of an upper-middle-class family in Connecticut and uncovers a frightening financial conspiracy, in this new thriller from a "New York Times"-bestselling author. Available in a tall Premium Edition. …More

The Night Eternal The Night Eternal
By del Toro, Guillermo
Author Hogan, Chuck
2011-10 - William Morrow & Company
9780061558269 Check Our Catalog

The third and final novel in the stunning "New York Times"-bestselling trilogy--about a vampire invasion and the band of men and women who must stop them--by one of Hollywood's most popular and imaginative storytellers, the creator of the Oscar-winning "Pan's Labyrinth". …More

Full Figured 3: Carl Weber Presents Full Figured 3: Carl Weber Presents
By Hampton, Brenda
Author Nikki-Michelle
2011-09 - Urban Books
9781601623157 Check Our Catalog


Our Man in the Dark Our Man in the Dark
By Harrison, Rashad
2011-11 - Atria Books
9781451625752 Check Our Catalog

A stunning debut novel based on a man who worked for a civil rights organization and became an informant for the FBI during the months leading up to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 320 pp. 60,000 print. …More

Poison, Your Grace Poison, Your Grace
By Herring, Peg
2011-11 - Five Star (ME)
9781432825362 Check Our Catalog


Dirty Little Angel Dirty Little Angel
By Hilton, Erica
2008-09 - Melodrama Publishing
9781934157190 Check Our Catalog

Chao's life has been a whirlwind since the day her mother gave her up of foster care at the age of five. She grew up hard on the streets of the Bronx, but left to start up an new life in Philly with a pimp named Crown. Drown, a gorilla pimp who controls the mind of the girls with manipulation, abuse and influence--only wants his hoes to have eyes and love for him wihle continuing to make him top dollar on the seedy streets of Philly. Soon, YB, a hardcore street dealer with a soft sport for Chaos gets in the way of Crown's business and trouble ensues. With the help of Chaos, YB sets up Crown and his right hand man, Harlem, are not willing to forgive and frorget. With his pride and reputation on the line, Crown, along with Harlem travel to the Bronx in search of street justice! Crown wants to murder YB and have Chaos liv out the rest of her days in misery prostituting fo rhim--or maybe he might just kill her.... …More

Scandalicious Scandalicious
By Hobbs, Allison
2011-10 - Strebor Books
9781593093686 Check Our Catalog

After nine years of marriage, Chevonne is bored and Lincoln is starved for physical attention. When the couple seeks help from a relationship counselor, he suggests they explore an open marriage. Six months later and happy with their new situation, the couple meets bakery owner Solay. But Chevonne doesn't expect the emotional connection that's developing between her husband and Solay. 320 pp. 15,000 print. …More

The House of Silk: A Sherlock Holmes Novel The House of Silk: A Sherlock Holmes Novel
By Horowitz, Anthony
2011-11 - Mulholland Books
9780316196994 Check Our Catalog

For the first time since the death of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a new Sherlock Holmes story has been sanctioned by his estate, whetting the appetites of fans everywhere. Information about the book will be revealed as deliberately as Holmes himself would unravel a knotty case, but bestselling novelist and Holmes expert Horowitz is sure to bring a compelling, atmospheric story to life. 320 pp. (Mystery/Detective) …More

The Wild Ways The Wild Ways
By Huff, Tanya
2011-11 - Daw Books
9780756406868 Check Our Catalog

Alysha Gale's cousin Charlotte is a Wild Power, who allies herself with a family of Selkies in a fight against offshore oil drilling. The oil company has hired another of the Gale family's Wild Powers, the fearsome Auntie Catherine, to steal the Selkies' sealskins. To defeat her, Charlotte will have to learn what born to be Wild really means in the Gale family. …More

The Devil's Punchbowl The Devil's Punchbowl
By Iles, Greg
2009-12 - Pocket Star Books
9781416524557 Check Our Catalog

Marked by one jaw-dropping plot turn after another, this latest work by the poster boy of Southern gothic thrillers ("Kirkus Reviews") portrays a world of depravity, sex, violence, and the corruption of a Southern town. Now available in a tall Premium Edition. …More

Temptation & Spontaneous Temptation & Spontaneous
By Jackson, Brenda
2011-10 - Harlequin Desire
9780373837700 Check Our Catalog

Millionaire security expert and rancher Zeke Travers always separates emotion from work until a case leads him to Sheila Hopkins--and the immediate scorching heat between them. Suddenly, Zeke is tempted to break the rules. And it's only a matter of time before he gives in. Original. …More

Dead Man's Grip Dead Man's Grip
By James, Peter
2011-11 - Minotaur Books
9780312642839 Check Our Catalog BookPage Notable Title

Carly Chase is still traumatized 10 days after being in a fatal traffic accident which kills a teenage student from Brighton University. Then she receives news that turns her entire world into a living nightmare. The drivers of the other two vehicles involved have been found tortured and murdered. 560 pp. 40,000 print. …More

Jane Austen Made Me Do It: Original Stories Inspired by Literature's Most Astute Observer of the Human Heart Jane Austen Made Me Do It: Original Stories Inspired by Literature's Most Astute Observer of the Human Heart
By Nattress, Laurel Ann
2011-10 - Ballantine Books
9780345524966 Check Our Catalog

"My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." Readers who heave a contented sigh at Mr. Darcy's heartfelt words are in good company. Here is a delightful collection of never-before-published stories inspired by Jane Austen--her novels, her life, her wit, and her world. 464 pp. …More

To Wed a Wild Lord To Wed a Wild Lord
By Jeffries, Sabrina
2011-11 - Pocket Star Books
9781451642407 Check Our Catalog

Shrouded in darkness for the past seven years, the infamous racer Lord Gabriel Sharpe is known to accept every challenge to race thrown at him. When his next challenge comes in the form of his late best friend's sister, Virginia Waverly, Gabe is shocked. Yet she presents just the opportunity Gabe needs. Original. …More

Sheisty Chicks Sheisty Chicks
By K, Kim
2011-12 - Melodrama Publishing
9781934157473 Check Our Catalog


Wild Thing Wild Thing
By Kaye, Robin
2011-12 - Sourcebooks Casablanca
9781402257278 Check Our Catalog

Whitewater-rafting guide Hunter Kincaid lands his dream job-guiding sportswear models through Idaho's rugged wilderness for a photo shoot. When he meets Toni Russo, the goth New York manager of Action Models, there are enough sparks to set the forest ablaze.
When Hunter finds Toni's book on how to marry the man of your choice, he studies it as a joke. Before long Hunter realizes he's never cared enough for a woman to bother working this hard to get her. But the last man in the world this city girl wants is a Survivor Man wannabe... …More

Tia's Diary Deeper Than Rap: Clarity, Truth, and Exposure Tia's Diary Deeper Than Rap: Clarity, Truth, and Exposure
By Kemp, Tiallondra
2009-05 - Tru Life Publishing
9780977457595 Check Our Catalog


Queen of Thieves, Part 1 Queen of Thieves, Part 1
By Khama, Kimathi
2011-05 - Triple Crown Publications
9780983209515 Check Our Catalog

Liaka Sikes is having a hard time. When the love of her life reveals to her a ghastly secret about who he really is, Liaka suddenly finds herself plunged into a life of bank robberies and terrifying visions. Luckily, she has her girls there for support. Asia and Lianna have Liaka's back through thick and thin as they enter the thrilling and lucrative world of stick-up crime without ever looking back: a world where one slip-up is enough to end it all. As the friends navigate through violence, good and bad cops, revenge and unexpected romance, will they be able to stay on top and reign supreme? …More

The Devil's Elixir The Devil's Elixir
By Khoury, Raymond
2011-12 - Dutton Books
9780525952435 Check Our Catalog

What if there was an herb, previously lost to history in the jungles of Central America, capable of inducing an experience so momentous it could shake the foundations of Western civilization? What if powerful forces on both sides of the law got wind of that herb, and uncompromising pursuit to be the first to exploit it? And what if FBI agent Sean Reilly and his girlfriend Tess Chaykin were, unknowingly, the only two people who could keep the lid on this Pandora's box capable of destabilizing the world? …More

Changes Changes
By Lackey, Mercedes
2011-10 - Daw Books
9780756406929 Check Our Catalog

The orphan Magpie pursues his quest for his parents' identity with burning urgency--while also discovering another hidden talent and being trained as an undercover agent. Shy Bardic Trainee Lena has to face her famous but uncaring father. And Healing Trainee Bear must struggle against his disapproving parents. …More

Book Review: Sarah's Key

Book review

Everyone's been talking about Sarah's Key and I've finally gotten around to reading it...well, actually, listening to it.  It is available as an eAudiobook through our Overdrive subscription (right now there are 7 people on the waiting list.)  I was glad I listened to the book , because it takes place in France and the narrator pronounced French names with a wonderful accent, which added a lot to the experience.
The book tells the parallel stories of Sarah Starzynski and Julia Jarmond.  Sarah lives in Paris during the summer of 1942, when the French Police decide to take the Nazi's order to round up Jews over a certain age too aggressively and include small children.  They were taken to a detention center where they were held for days without food or water, then deported to detention camps around Paris, and finally to Auschwitz.  None of the children who were deported out of France survived.  Sarah's family is arrested.  Sarah thinks they will be coming back, so when her little brother refuses to come out of a cupboard, she locks him in with the promise that she will be back.
Julia is an American journalist living in Paris in 2002.  The 60th anniversary of the round up is coming up and her boss asks her to write a story about it.  During her investigations she discovers that a Jewish family was living in the apartment her in-laws own.  She decides to find out what happened to them.
The book alternates chapters between Sarah and Julia, telling their stories.  I would recommned this book to anyone who is interested in fictionalized accounts of history, and the Holocaust.  It is very readable and keeps you wanting to read.
Sarah's Key Sarah's Key
By De Rosnay, Tatiana
2008-09 - St. Martin's Griffin
9780312370848 Check Our Catalog An Indie Next Selection

Haunting and suspenseful, life-affirming and beautiful, "Sarah's Key" offers a compelling portrait of occupied Paris and reveals the taboos and silence that surround this little-known episode in French history. …More

Read Alikes
The Book Thief The Book Thief
By Zusak, Markus
2007-09 - Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
9780375842207 Check Our Catalog

BookPage Notable Title
Set during World War II in Germany, Zusak's groundbreaking novel is the story of Liesel Meminger, a foster girl living outside of Munich. Liesel, who scratches out a meager existence for herself by stealing, encounters something she cant resist: books.

The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story The Zookeeper's Wife: A War Story
By Ackerman, Diane
2008-09 - W. W. Norton & Company
9780393333060 Check Our Catalog

A true story--as powerful as "Schindler's List"--in which the keepers of the Warsaw Zoo saved hundreds of people from Nazi hands. …More

Heidegger's Glasses Heidegger's Glasses
By Frank, Thaisa
2011-10 - Counterpoint LLC
9781582437699 Check Our Catalog

Heigegger's Glasses opens during the end of World War II in a failing Germany, when the Third Reich is in shambles. Hitler's strong belief in and reliance on the occult led to the formation of an underground society of scribes responsible for answering letters written to the imprisoned and deceased. A letter arrives at the compound that eminent philosopher Martin Heidegger wrote to his optometrist, kindling a series of events that puts everyone's safety and lives in danger. They embark on a desperate journey, racing to Heidegger's secluded hut in the Black Forest and the death-saturated camps of Auschwitz.
Ultimately, the novel explores the way the dead are remembered and history is presented, with Heidegger's philosophy woven throughout in an easily digestible, albeit multifaceted manner. Thaisa Frank evocatively illustrates the Holocaust through a dreamlike, Alice in Wonderland frame, reconstructing the landscape of Nazi Germany from an entirely original vantage point. …More

Saturday, January 28, 2012

SOPA and PIPA Technical Issues Explained Simply in Infographic Form [Infographics]

From Lifehacker:

SOPA and PIPA Technical Issues Explained Simply in Infographic Form [Infographics]:

SOPA and PIPA Technical Issues Explained Simply in Infographic FormWe've had a lot of discussion about SOPA and PIPA recently, the bills that want to cripple the internet, but there are still plenty of people who aren't clear on the issues. And although the bills have been shelved for now, similar threats (e.g., ACTA) loom and it's wise to stay informed of the issues at stake. This infographic lays SOPA's and PIPA's legal and technical technical details out pretty clearly.

The graphic from Lumin Consulting covers the main issues and arguments against these bills, including mis-labeling of sites and potential for abuse, based on sources such as Reddit's technical examination of SOPA and Protect IP. The nice thing about infographics is when they're done well, they're easy to scan and read, and this one, as Search Engine Journal notes, is something even non-technical people may understand. So if you know someone who is still unclear about these bills, pass it along. Here's the full image (click to expand and or right-click to save to disk):

SOPA and PIPA Technical Issues Explained Simply in Infographic Form

A Technical Examination of SOPA and PIPA | Lumin Consulting via Search Engine Journal

Upcoming Events at HPL

6:45 PM Monday, January 30
For children 3-7. Storytelling, picturebooks, fingerplays, holiday tales, and special fun. Kids learn to love stories and reading. Each session ends with a craft project. Signup required.

eReader Class
Monday, January 30, 6PM
Did you get an eReader for Christmas? The helpful staff at Hackley Public Library is having an eReader Class to help people learn to download eLibrary books.

11:00 AM Tuesday, January 31
For children 3-7. Storytelling, picturebooks, fingerplays, holiday tales, and special fun. Kids learn to love stories and reading. Each session ends with a craft project. Signup required.

Postcards to Michigan's Past
6:00 pm Tuesday, January 31

Before email and text messages, postcards were the premier way to send a quick message to family and friends. Fortunately, these cards have been preserved and saved from generation to generation — offering a glimpse into a simpler time of carefree vacations around the Great Lakes State. Postcards actually offer double the fun — with the beautiful scenic image on one side and the heartfelt message on the back. A long-time Michigan-themed treasurer hunter, Dianna greatly expanded her postcard collection throughout the summer of 2010 when she was laid up with a broken ankle and found solace among the virtual shopping market known as eBay. The collection, at more than 100 to date, spans from Michigan’s coast to coast and from one season to the next. While many seem to focus on the waters, boating and lighthouses, the primary theme in the collection is that the postcards hold ties to Dianna’s home state of Michigan — for which she is undoubtedly passionate.

Since 1997, Dianna has been presenting lively and upbeat programs about the area’s historic lighthouses, ghost towns, islands and other unique destinations and activities in her home state of Michigan. Dianna is a passionate professional speaker, with a degree in communications from Western Michigan University and 20+ years experience in radio broadcasting and public speaking. An established freelance writer, Dianna is a regular contributor to Michigan Blue Magazine and Grand Rapids Family Magazine, Michigan Home & Lifestyle Magazine and has also been published in Michigan Living, Michigan Travel Ideas, Lake Michigan Circle Tour & Lighthouse Guide, Country Lines, Tasters Guild International and Grand Rapids Magazine, among others. Over the years, she has held memberships in the Great Lake Lighthouse Keepers Association, Michigan One Room Schoolhouse Association and Historical Society of Michigan. She is currently active with the Allegan County Tourist Council, Kent County Lodging Association, Ferris State University Hospitality Advisory Board and Michigan Culinary Tourism Alliance.

For more information check her website at promotemichigan.com
Brought to you through the generosity of the PNC Foundation.

Wednesday Knitters
5:30 – 7:00 pm, Wednesday, February 1

Meets in the Julia Hackley Room

Open to knitters of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced. Learn to knit, hone your skills, help other knitters! For more information call 231-722-7276 and ask for Jocelyn.

Computer Class-Basic Computing
Thursday, February 2, 10:00 am
Introduction to computers will offer an introduction to what a computer is and how to use it. It is designed for beginners with little or no knowledge of computers. Topics covered will include an explanation of Windows and files, how to turn on a computer, and how to use the mouse. Class size is limited. Please call ahead to register (231-722-7276). Registration starts on January 19.

Computer Class-Basic Computing
Thursday, February 2, 1:00 pm
Introduction to computers will offer an introduction to what a computer is and how to use it. It is designed for beginners with little or no knowledge of computers. Topics covered will include an explanation of Windows and files, how to turn on a computer, and how to use the mouse. Class size is limited. Please call ahead to register (231-722-7276). Registration starts on January 19.

6:45 PM Monday, February 6
For children 3-7. Storytelling, picturebooks, fingerplays, holiday tales, and special fun. Kids learn to love stories and reading. Each session ends with a craft project. Signup required.

11:00 AM Tuesday, February 7
For children 3-7. Storytelling, picturebooks, fingerplays, holiday tales, and special fun. Kids learn to love stories and reading. Each session ends with a craft project. Signup required.

Writing Business Plans.
6:00 PM Tuesday, February 7

SCORE representative Allen Wilson will be on hand to discuss the formation of a business plan. This is a free program and will meet in the Julia Hackley Room. Sponsored by SCORE (which is part of the SBA) and Hackley Library.

Tech Wednesday-Pictures on the Web
2:30 pm, Wednesday February 8

Each class runs from 30 – 60 minutes. No registration is required, just show up! All classes will start at 2:30 pm in the Julia Hackley Room. If you have your own laptop feel free to bring it along, otherwise these are watch and learn classes.

Meet the Lumberjacks
7:00 PM Wednesday, February 8
Do you love the Lumberjacks, like we love the lumberjacks? Come meet some team members at Hackley Public Library. Learn the game of hockey and interesting facts about what it’s like to play for a professional team. Get an autograph and enter to win a ticket to one of the lumberjack games. If you’re not a fan already, you will be one after you meet the team!

Computer Class-Email and Internet
Thursday, February 9, 10:00am
Learn how to "surf the net", set up an email account, and find your away around cyberspace.Class size is limited. Please call ahead to register (231-722-7276). Registration starts on January 26.

Computer Class-Email and Internet
Thursday, February 9, 1:00 pm
Learn how to "surf the net", set up an email account, and find your away around cyberspace.Class size is limited. Please call ahead to register (231-722-7276). Registration opens on January 26.