Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Review-The Blackhouse

Who doesn't like a good mystery?  I'm particularly drawn to psychological mysteries, so when a book has both a murder and a psychological twist, so much the better.
Peter Mays' book The Black House takes place on the Isle of Lewis, the northern most island in the Hebrides, off Scotland.  Fin MacLeod grew up there, but moved to the mainland after high school, to attend college and escape. He became a police officer, so when someone on the island is murdered, and the m.o. is similar to a murder that he is investigating, he is naturally sent to help the investigation.  As it turns out, he knew the victim, having grown up with him.
The book is told in the third person when describing current events, but in Fin's voice when he is remembering the past.  We get glimpses into his childhood and the reasons behind his desire to leave the island.  His knowledge of the people in some ways helps him narrow the search for the killer down, but in some ways leads him astray.
The Isle of Lewis is so well described it is a character in its own right.
I enjoyed this book very much.  The twists and turns were very satisfying, and learning about such a foreign landscape was very interesting.  There are two more books in the series, The Lewis Man and The Chessmen (which has not yet been published in the US.)

The Blackhouse
The Blackhouse
By May, Peter
2013-02 - Thorndike Press
9781410455635 Check Our Catalog

From acclaimed author and television dramatist Peter May comes the first book in the Lewis Trilogy--a riveting mystery series set on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland's Outer Hebrides, a formidable and forbidding world where tradition rules and people adhere to ancient ways of life. …More

Other books by the same author.
Lewis Man
Lewis Man
By May, Peter
2012-01 - Quercus
9780857382207 Check Our Catalog


Complimentary Reads
The Good Son
The Good Son
By McLean, Russel D.
2009-12 - Minotaur Books
9780312576684 Check Our Catalog


No Good Deed No Good Deed
No Good Deed No Good Deed
By Scott, Manda
2008-12 - Bantam
9780307488831 Check Our Catalog

Her writing has been called "powerful and subtle," ("The Times, U.K.) her plotting "original and shiver-count high." ("The Times, U.K.) Now Manda Scott has written a powerful thriller debut, the terrifying tale of a lone woman pitted against an enigmatic killer--a man who deals out death without a second thought....
For Detective Inspector Orla McLeod, violence is a way of life. As a child, her own world was ripped apart by a brutal, unforgettable moment of terror. So when the Special Branch operation she is spearheading goes disastrously wrong, she will do everything she can to protect the nine-year-old boy caught in the cross fire. For Jamie Buchanan was the sole witness to an act of savagery committed in cold blood by a man rapidly becoming one of the most feared criminals in Europe.
Orla and her partner, Luke Tyler, had risked their lives to infiltrate Tord Svensen's criminal world. Together they had gone deep undercover in a Glasgow tenement to get close enough to bring him down. Then in a series of harrowing events, everything in Orla's life would change forever.
Now Orla finds herself haunted by the memory of what happened--and tormented by the guilt she feels over her own survival. What keeps her going are the promises she made to her partner Luke and to orphaned Jamie Buchanan. Jamie is the only person who's seen Tord Svensen's face, the only one able to ID him. Officially pulled off the Svensen case, Orla spirits Jamie away to the only place she feels safe, a lonely cottage under the shadow of a snowcapped Scottish mountain. But there will be no sanctuary for them in the Highlands. For, like Orla, the hunter who pursues them knows exactly what todo to survive. And that means putting both Orla and her vulnerable young charge in the grave.
Chilling, intense, and stylishly written, No Good Deed places Manda Scott among the forefront of today's best thriller writers.

"From the Hardcover edition. …More

Raven Black
Raven Black
By Cleeves, Ann
2008-06 - Thomas Dunne Books
9780312359676 Check Our Catalog

Outstanding Praise for "Raven Black"
" "
"A fine and sinister psychological novel in the Barbara Vine style. Cleeves is part of a new generation of superior British writers."
---"The Globe and Mail" (Canada)
"A riveting read."
---Val McDermid, author of "A Place"" of Execution" "Beautifully constructed . . . brings alive the tensions in a place where everyone knows everyone else and nothing can be forgotten. Raven Black is lively and surprising."
---"Times Literary Supplement" (UK)
"Ann's characterization is worthy of the best writers in the field. . . . Rarely has the sense of place been so evocatively conveyed in a crime novel."
---"Daily Express" (UK)
"With a cast of well-drawn and convincing characters and an unexpected conclusion, "Raven Black" is the perfect novel to while away the long winter evenings by the fire."
---"The Tribune" (UK)
""Raven Black" shows what a fine writer [Cleeves] is . . . accomplished and thoughtful."
---"The Sunday Telegraph" (UK)
"Cleeves is a very good writer---strong on atmosphere, plot andpeople."
"---The Times" (UK)

The Various Haunts of Men
The Various Haunts of Men
By Hill, Susan
2007-04 - Overlook Press
9781585678761 Check Our Catalog

BookPage Notable Title
Weaving together a variety of subtly interrelated narratives, British author Hill (Air and Angels) embeds a thoughtful reflection on alternative medicine into a taut and suspenseful mystery, the first of a new crime series featuring Chief Inspector Simon Serrailler.

The Wrong Kind of Blood: An Irish Novel of Betrayal
The Wrong Kind of Blood: An Irish Novel of Betrayal
By Hughes, Declan
2006-03 - William Morrow & Company
9780060825461 Check Our Catalog

After 20 years in Los Angeles, Ed Loy returns home to Dublin to bury his mother. Suddenly, a tragic homecoming could prove fatal for the grieving private investigator. …More

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