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Halfway to Horror:  Halloween Previews

The Keep
The Keep
By Egan, Jennifer
2007-07 - Anchor Books
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Two cousins, irreversibly damaged by a childhood prank, reunite twenty years later to renovate a medieval castle in Eastern Europe. In an environment of extreme paranoia, cut off from the outside world, the men reenact the signal event of their youth, with even more catastrophic results. And as the full horror of their predicament unfolds, a prisoner, in jail for

By Keene, Brian
2011-09 - Deadite Press
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Contestants on a "Survivor"-like reality TV show find the dangers are too real after they are stranded on a deserted island in the South Pacific with inhuman creatures out to kill them. Original. …More

By Pinborough, Sarah
2014-01 - Jo Fletcher
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Already frustrated in their attempts to capture serial murderer Jack the Ripper, the detectives of Scotland Yard are suddenly confronted with a new monster, dubbed the Torso Killer for his habit of leaving behind neatly wrapped parcels of his victims' body parts, minus the heads. With the terrible increase in mutilated corpses to examine, the highly regarded police surgeon Dr. Thomas Bond has lost …More

Rot & Ruin
Rot & Ruin
By Maberry, Jonathan
2010-09 - Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
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Bram Stoker Awards (2010), Cybils (2010), Florida Teens Read (2013), Gateway Readers Award (2013), Iowa High School Book Award (2013), Isinglass Teen Read Award (2012), Nutmeg Book Award (2013), Pennsylvania Young Reader's Choice Award (2012), Sequoyah Book Awards (2013), Texas Lone Star Reading List (2012)

Acclaimed horror author Maberry ("Patient Zero") makes his young adult debut with this detail-rich depiction of a post-apocalypic world where humanity has fallen, the dead have risen, and danger is always imminent. …More

Welcome to Lovecraft
Welcome to Lovecraft
By Hill, Joe
Illustrator Rodriguez, Gabriel
2008-10 - IDW Publishing
9781600102370 Check Our Catalog
Keyhouse is an unlikely New England mansion, with fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them.... and home to a hate-filled and relentless creature. The bestselling author of "Heart-Shaped Box" creates an all-new story of dark fantasy and wonder.IDW …More

The Ruins
The Ruins
By Smith, Scott
2008-02 - Vintage Books USA
9780307390271 Check Our Catalog
Trapped in the Mexican jungle, a group of friends stumble upon a creeping horror unlike anything they've ever known, in this national bestseller that is soon to be a major motion picture. …More