Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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Game On:  Adventures in a Virtual World

Ready Player One
Ready Player One
By Cline, Ernest
2012-06 - Broadway Books
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At once wildly original and stuffed with irresistible nostalgia, a spectacularly genre-busting, ambitious, and charming debut that is part quest, part love story, and part virtual space opera set in a universe where spell-slinging mages battle giant Japanese robots and flying DeLoreans. …More

Replay: The History of Video Games
Replay: The History of Video Games
By Donovan, Tristan
2010-04 - Yellow Ant Media Ltd
9780956507204 Check Our Catalog

A riveting account of the strange birth and remarkable evolution of the most important development in entertainment since television, Replay is the ultimate history of video games.Based on extensive research and over 140 exclusive interviews with key movers and shakers from gaming's past, Replay tells the sensational story of how the creative vision of game designers gave rise to one of the world's most popular and dynamic art forms. …More

For the Win
For the Win
By Doctorow, Cory
2012-09 - Tor Books
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Imbued with the same lively, subversive spirit and thrilling storytelling that made "Little Brother" an international sensation, "For the Win" is a prophetic and inspiring call-to-arms for a new generation. …More

By Beukes, Lauren
2013-05 - Angry Robot
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By Grossman, Austin
2013-04 - Mulholland Books
9780316198530 Check Our Catalog

A novel of mystery, video games, and the people who create them, by the bestselling author of "Soon I Will Be Invincible." When Russell joins Black Arts games, he reunites with an eccentric crew of nerds hacking the frontiers of both technology and entertainment. But there's a secret that has the power to influence real and virtual worlds. …More

Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World
By McGonigal, Jane
2011-12 - Penguin Books
9780143120612 Check Our Catalog

Visionary game designer McGonigal reveals how we can harness the power of games to solve real-world problems and boost global happiness. …More