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Mysteries of the Past:  Historical Crime Debuts

Wolf Winter
Wolf Winter
By Ekback, Cecilia
Author Ekbeack, Cecilia
2015-01 - Weinstein Books
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'Wolf winter, ' she said, her voice small. 'I wanted to ask about it. You know, what it is.'
He was silent for a long time. 'It's the kind of winter that will remind us we are mortal, ' he said. 'Mortal and alone.'
Swedish Lapland, 1717. Maija, her husband Paavo and her daughters Frederika and Dorotea arrive from their native Finland, hoping to forget the traumas of their past and put down

The Language of the Dead: A World War II Mystery
The Language of the Dead: A World War II Mystery
By Kelly, Stephen
2015-04 - Pegasus Books
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German bombers are arriving daily, seeking to crush England. But in a rural Hampshire village, things have remained fairly quiet until an elderly loner, Will Blackwell, is brutally murdered. The method of his killing bears the hallmarks of the traditional vanquishing of a witch, and indeed, local legend claims that as a boy, Blackwell encountered a ghostly black dog sent from the devil, who struck …More

The Strangler Vine
The Strangler Vine
By Carter, M. J.
Author Carter, Miranda
2015-03 - G.P. Putnam's Sons
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Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction (2014)

Set in the untamed wilds of nineteenth-century colonial India, a dazzling historical thriller introducing an unforgettable investigative pair.
India, 1837: William Avery is a young soldier with few prospects except rotting away in campaigns in India; Jeremiah Blake is

Plague Land
Plague Land
By Sykes, Sarah
Author Sykes, S. D.
2015-02 - Pegasus Books
9781605986739 Check Our Catalog

Oswald de Lacy was never meant to be the Lord of Somerhill Manor. Despatched to a monastery at the age of seven, sent back at seventeen when his father and two older brothers are killed by the Plague, Oswald has no experience of running an estate. He finds the years of pestilence and neglect have changed the old place dramatically, not to mention the attitude of the surviving peasants.
Yet …More

A June of Ordinary Murders
A June of Ordinary Murders
By Brady, Conor
2015-04 - Minotaur Books
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A thrilling, beautifully written mystery debut that brings Victorian Dublin vividly, passionately to life, drawing readers on a gripping journey of murder and intrigue.

In the 1880s the Dublin Metropolitan Police classified crime in two distinct categories. Political crimes were classed as "special," whereas theft, robbery and even murder, no matter how terrible, were known as

The Officer's Prey
The Officer's Prey
By Cabasson, Armand
Translator Glencross, Michael
2013-10 - Gallic Books
9781906040826 Check Our Catalog
June 1812. Napoleon begins his invasion of Russia leading the largest army Europe has ever seen. But amongst the troops of the Grande Armee is a savage murderer whose bloodlust is not satisfied in battle. …More